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Having pests in your home is more than an inconvenience – pests can pose serious health risks and cause severe damage to your home. Our local service technicians will work with you to ensure your family and home are protected from the risk of damage and disease caused by pests.


Year Round Protection

The Year Round Protection Plan is a wise investment for your family and home. For a low quarterly fee, LONESTAR Pest Solutions Year Round Protection Plan provides the following:

  • Regularly scheduled preventative services and inspections with your LONESTAR Pest Solutions technician. Your technician will thoroughly inspect and treat your home on a quarterly basis.
  • Protection against the most common household pests.  
  • The most effective and least invasive treatments possible designed with children and pets in mind.
  • Customized service appointments
  • Trained, professional technicians – all technicians are state certified and licensed
  • Recommendations for preventing future problems – your LONESTAR Pest Solutions Technician will recommend simple steps you can take to prevent pests.

LONESTAR Pest Solution - Our personal touch sets us apart. Your Technician will respect you and your home.